What is a Therapeutic Gardens Palmlöf?

Four important features characterize a therapeutic garden:

Un Jardín Terapéutico tiene que cumplir las siguientes características

It is a garden where nature dominates the spatial concept.
It is a garden that provides motivation and stimulation for the visitors
It is a garden compliant with the universal Design requirements
It is a garden where the design is user-centric (“a supportive environment”)

One of the psychological impacts from such a garden is the feeling of “being away”. It creates positive emotions, far from the institutional atmosphere often found in care homes, hospitals and schools; it creates freedom and offers like an enchanted world to enter. The contact with nature outdoors helps users to feel happier, free and its positive interactions/distractions increases wellbeing and quality of life.

The four modules of the therapeutic garden Palmlof


The therapeutic garden palmlof is based on four modules (TRÄDET, SINNENAS GÅRD, MINNENAS LUND; LOOP), and each of them is linked to a defined program of therapies and activities. The base designs are inspired in the therapeutic garden in alnarp (Swedish university of agriculture), where they have been evaluating TG for 20 years. Other concepts from “healthcare environments” and nature based guided activities focusing on human health and well being were taken into account for adapting the garden to the Spanish culture.
Hereby you can find a short description of each module.

The module TRÄDET is designed for horticulture therapy for elderly, the plant beds and the pots are all raised in different height to work while sitting, standing or in wheelchair. The tools are adapted and there are lot of resting spaces and protected working areas in the shadow.

The nmodule SINNENAS GÅRD is designed to promote stimulation of the senses and the mind, through an inspiring mix of plants and other nature elements used for relax and motivation by the professional therapist. A special texture path for feet stimulation is found is this module.

The moduleLOOP LOOP is a walking path for elderly with orientation difficulties, which gives them freedom to stroll in their own rhythm without worrying about getting lost. Along the loop there are comfortable chairs and a handrail for increasing the sense of security.


The module MINNENAS LUND is an area for privacy, for conversations and concentration. The elderly explores, through their senses, plants and elements from the countryside and can relate the items to memories and stories from their own personal history.