What are the advantages of Therapeutic Gardens?

Daily visits to the garden with safe strolling and motivating environment, regenerate memories and positive experiences, reduce stress and stabilize sleep cycles (i.e. thanks to natural light).

In several evaluations of users of therapeutic gardens, exposure to nature and outdoor activities is associated with reduced pain, improved care and stress management.

There are evaluations that quantitatively demonstrate the reduction of aggressive behavior in elderly with Alzheimer’s disease; lower medication use and fewer falls among older patients, when using regularly therapeutic gardens. .



  • Better health and better quality of life
  • Reduction of need/doses of drugs
  • Increase in positive mood
  • Improved sleep patterns and circadian rhythm
  • Relieving depression


  • Optimizing/Complementing the use and resource of parks and gardens
  • Increased integration and improvement of urban landscape in suburban areas
  • Therapy service reaching out to many citizens at a very low cost.