Palmlöf Residencial HEM


For an elderly living in an elderly care center, the possibility to have access to safe outdoors facilities, with “fit fr purpose2 activities would be a big upside; the possibility and freedom to go out in a garden becomes very important. It is fully accredited that the contact with nature and outside activities are associated with better health and quality of life. .

Even centers that do not have their own garden space try to organize some kind of outdoor activity. There are many reasons why Palmlöf Residencial HEM® is interesting for implementation in care homes. .

Palmlöf Residencial HEM adapts a part of the garden of the residence to obtain a therapeutic garden. Our modular system allows, depending on the needs and availability of space, to install one or several modules (Trädet, Gard, Minneas Lund and Loop). Each module is associated with different cognitive o physical therapies that fulfill the characteristics of a Therapeutic garden.

It is an outdoor therapy service that enables all care givers to apply a Person/User Centered Care based on personal profile, life history and reminiscence while connecting with nature.

It is a product that allows the Care Centers to expand their catalog of services and become Multi service platforms for the community, offering programs for Active Aging also to non-residents.

Enables the integration for disabled people since the maintenance of our gardens will/could be managed as a Special Work Center. The objective is to promote the independent life of workers with disabilities