Therapeutic Gardens for Public Spaces


TGP implements an innovative approach by transforming (passive) outdoor spaces (public parks) in an added value environment for active ageing, especially enabling therapies geared towards increasing the personal autonomy in elderly with initial cognitive decay (such as dementia), through four distinct yet integrated thematic modules.

Neighbor’s, associations and nearby day care centers are welcome to use the services, which are difficult for the traditional public social services to provide. It all happens in a secure and healthy space specially planned for the elderly population. Even though the garden is for the elderly in the first place, it is also a perfect environment for any group with special therapeutic needs.

There are four main reasons why The Therapeutic garden Palmlöf is interesting for being implemented in public parks:

Easy and innovative garden design inspired in the Scandinavian style and concept of health gardens, offering a complementary new social use for the public parks.

Unique therapeutic service with qualified therapists’ trained in the Palmlof Methodology (Outdoor therapy based on the for-them-design).

Integration for disabled people since the maintenance of our gardens will/could be executed by a Special Work Center (Spanish terminology for centers employment disabled people). The objective is to promote and encourage life autonomy for workers with disabilities..

Improves the usability of urban landscapes by further integrating the adapted gardens into the residential areas in transformation, reinforcing the identification of citizens with their surroundings.