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III Jornadas de Intervenção nas Demências

On June 12 we were in the III Jornadas de Intervenção nas Demências, at the University of the Azores. There Karin Palmlöf, our director, exposed some of the principles of our company that can be summarized as:

“Dementia patients are sensitive to environments and natural surroundings can provide prosthetic support to compensate for limited cognitive capabilities. Studies note decreased aggression, improved socialization, and increased social competencies, as the natural environment provides cues of what is comfortably familiar due to reminiscence and nostalgia.

Additionally, outdoor nature-based activity contributes to improved sleep patterns, balanced hormones, and decreased agitation in dementia patients.

Access to gardens has been shown to reduce incidents of dangerous behavior and aggression for dementia patients
Gardens can also evoke memories that reconnect patients to the real world. Additionally, residents with high use of wander gardens have a decreased use of high-dosage anti-psychotic medications. Gardening activities may help improve mobility and dexterity, confidence and social skills in dementia and stroke patients.

Finally, gardening can be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the onset of dementia; gardening on a daily basis was found to reduce risk factors for dementia by36%.”

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Coslada Therapeutic Garden works started

Last week we started the works in the Coslada’s Therapeutic Garden. A natural and adapted space in which the citizens of this town, especially those of a more advanced age, can enjoy therapies.

Coslada becomes a pioneering town establishing a therapeutic garden in its locality. Also a national reference in adapted therapies in a natural space.

This Garden, that will be completed within two months, will include the four traditional modules of the Palmlöf Therapeutic Gardens, a greenhouse, a pergola, different work areas and a meeting point.

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